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Espresso Tutorials Virtual Book Club Meeting: Practical Guide to SAP GTS Recording
16.04.29 11:38


Espresso Tutorials Virtual Book Club Meeting: Practical Guide to SAP GTS Recording

The recording from the Espresso Tutorials Virtual Book Club Meeting: Practical Guide to SAP GTS is now available.

Learn more about SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) and get tips from best-selling authors Rajen Iyer and Kevin Riddell on how to maximize supply chain performance and reduce the overall cost and risk of global trade by ensuring regulatory compliance. In this recording, the authors answer audience questions and engage in a lively discussion on their books:

1. Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 1: SPL Screening and Compliance Management
2. Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 2: Preference and Customs Management



Alice Adams: Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining Espresso Tutorials today for our first ever virtual book club meeting. My name is Alice Adams, and I'll be moderating today. Today we are discussing the Practical Guide to SAP GTS Parts 1 and 2, with our authors Rajen Iyer and Kevin Riddell. Before I ask our authors to introduce themselves, I'd like to go through just a couple of housekeeping notes.

Kevin Riddelll: This is Kevin Riddell. I am with Trenkle Incorporated. I've been with Trenkle for 22 years. My role currently is International Logistics Manager, and how I fit into SAP GTS is I'm the business process owner for GTS at Trenkle. I am responsible for customs and trade compliance and GTS is our chosen tool to manage that.

Rajen Iyer: Thanks Kevin. I am one of the co-founder and CTO of a leading global trade and supply chain solutions company name is called Krypt. I am personally also a licensed customs broker, and have led several trade and logistics automation for global companies. Author of several best seller books, and white paper.

At Krypt, my typical day is filled with customer interactions, working with passionate team who are very talented, and partners like the solution provider. We work with also software partners like SAP, content providers, and my role is to basically come up with these solutions and innovations, working with customers, and our ultimate object is to delight them.

Alice Adams: Great. Thank you both so much. Before we ask some questions, we thought we'd start today off with a poll, and kind of gauge where our audience is when it comes to GTS. I'm going to launch the poll, and you should see it on your screens.

We're curious of what version of GTS you're running. Is it earlier than 10, version 10, version 11, or possibly not using GTS at all? While we're waiting for those results to come in, we did have one question that I'd like to address. Someone asked if this session will be recorded and provided later on our blog. We are recording the session, and we anticipate having that posted on the blog next week, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Okay. We have most of our results in. I'll give people another second or so, here before I close the poll. Okay, so we have a very even split here. We have 33 percent earlier than 10, 33 percent on version 10, and 33 percent are not using GTS. Rajen or Kevin, would you like to comment on those results? Are those similar to what you see in the market?

Rajen Iyer: Yeah. This is Rajen, and then maybe Kevin can share his experience of where they are in. Yeah. Typically what we are seeing is wasn't really used in early 2003, and as you can see, the version 11 is the latest, which has been in market almost like 6, 7 months. There has been quite a considerable upgrade or functionality which has been released from 8, so there are companies was to in the range of 8 and 10, so I'm not surprised. But, there's also quite a new functionality being released in 11, so that gives a kind of the poll ... I can see how the split has been.

Kevin Riddell: We started on version 10, so I haven't actually used older versions, but I know there are people that have not felt the need to move past the version they're on. I guess they felt the differences weren't great enough. I believe version 11 could change that. The version 11 changes are significant, and will likely entice people to want to move on to it.

Alice Adams: I hope that we'll have some time later in the call to dive into those changes in version 11 in a little bit more detail. First question for both of you. Kevin, I'm going to ask you first. Why a book on GTS?

Kevin Riddell: To be honest, I implemented GTS and began using it, and was ultimately complaining that there was no practical guide for it. No user manual, if you will. It was Rajan who challenged me to write one. I think his words were, "If you want one, why don't you write it yourself?" That's exactly what ended up happening, with his assistance, of course. My contributions to the book are from a user perspective, and Rajan is more technical.

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