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3 Results of Interest for Companies Running SAP from the Software Advice SCM Software BuyerView 2015
15.05.21 12:54


3 Results of Interest for Companies Running SAP from the Software Advice SCM Software BuyerView 2015

Software Advice, a company that helps software buyers create a shortlist of vendors, recently published a research report that analyzed 200 prospective supply chain management (SCM) software buyers to help them make more informed purchasing decisions. Learn more about Software Advice at www.softwareadvice.com.

SCM software in the study includes warehouse management (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS), procurement, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management (SRM), contract lifecycle management, demand planning and supply planning.

The key findings of interest to companies running SAP are:

1. Large companies are willing to spend $171,000 for SCM software.

2. Integration was the main reason why large companies seek a new SCM solution as a result of having more clients, suppliers, vendors, contracts, and physical locations to management and make processes more efficient.

3. RFID and procurement functionality were noted as two important factors for large companies evaluating new SCM functionality.

Espresso Tutorials ([http://www.espresso-tutorials.com/) SAP Supply Chain Management resources include:

1. Demand Planning with SAP APO - Concepts and Design - Learn more!

2. Demand Planning with SAP APO - Execution - Learn more!

3. Practical Guide to SAP Transportation Management (TM) - Learn more!

To read the entire report go to: [http://www.softwareadvice.com/scm/buyerview/report-2015/]

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