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Costing a subcontracting material
15.09.15 12:14
Costing a subcontracting material

We are currently costing a subcontracting material. We have two active (currently valid) info records for this material and the costing takes the last info record created.
Is it possible to control which info record the system uses for costing?
Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

15.09.17 16:03
Re: Costing a subcontracting material

The order is roughly as follows:
Source list
Regular vendor
Cheapest info record
Therefore, I assume that by coincidence, in your case, the last info record created is cheaper than the previous info record :-)

17.10.03 14:56
Re: Costing a subcontracting material


In the info record of the sub contracting material, you can stipulate that one specific info record is the preferred source of supply.
This is this info record that will be used to cost the material.

In the info record, go to "source list" and select the field "Fixed source". See the explanation given by SAP on this field.

Fixed Source of Supply
Specifies that the source of supply is the preferred procurement option within the specified period.

In the source determination process with regard to a purchase requisition or purchase order, the preferred source is suggested first.

Only one source of the same type (i.e. vendor or outline agreement) may be preferred within a certain validity period.

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